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Looking for Filmmakers - Beautiful Empty: Music+Short Film Conspiracy

A CD Release Show +
Short Film Conspiracy + Box Art Exhibi + Written Word

• A non-competitive short film festival inside of a CD release show and box art exhibit all inspired by the upcoming new record, named Beautiful Empty, from John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light to happen in Denver, CO
• Filmmakers from all backgrounds, skill levels, and artistic points of view are invited to make a short film inspired by a song from the new JC&BFoL record
• Filmmakers would pick a song from the new record (it will be made available to hear -- confidentially) to use in their work
• The goals are simple: creative collaboration, cross-pollination (of music, film, visual art and written word communities) and throwing a beautiful, memorable, one-of-a-kind event

Great art often comes from constraint... Here are the guidelines that filmmakers should stay in during this project:
• COST: Free - no submissions fees
• DEADLINE for submission: September 15th, 2009
• QUICK AND DIRTY: This doesn't have to be your Citizen Kane! Creativity trumps perfection here. So with that in mind, think 3 X 24 = you have a 24-hour period to shoot. You have a 24-hour period to edit. You have a final 24-hour period to actually finish editing.
• VOLUNTEER ARMY: No paid actors, editors, directors, gaffers, craft service providers, bookies, Columbian drug lords, gun dealers, etc.
• LENGTH: your finished short film must be less than 4 minutes in length.
• INSPIRATION: must pick a single song from the new JC&BFoL record as your inspiration. Beyond that, you are free to take it anywhere you want to.
• SONG: Must state the song you chose at the beginning of the film
• INTRODUCTION: A representative of the film will introduce their short film the night of the show, tell a story about the making of it, talk about the inspiration or vision for the piece, etc.
• SONG AUDIO: the song’s audio should be incorporated into the short film somehow – it doesn’t have to be a “music video” but the music of the song should play a role in the movie somehow
• ONE CAMERA: the film must be shot with a single camera
• RIGHTS: Filmmaker retains all rights to their film – but the JC&BFoL would love to be able to use online versions to help promote the project, filmmaker, band, etc. – cross pollination! JC&BFoL retains all rights to their music.
• Up to 6 short films will be screened the night of the CD release, however all submissions will receive promotion and screening online at

Send an email or call BEAUTIFUL EMPTY's Festival Director, Darci Alishouse and/or (720) 298-5747 we'll get you a top secret link to inspiration and other materials.


John Common sometimes wishes he were a filmmaker or a painter, but due to a run-in with his older brother's record collection at an impressionable age, he ended up with an obsession for making music instead. He's constantly writing songs... they range from raucous and snarly, to beautiful and introspective.

John plays with an incredibly talented group of musicians, artists and friends, drawn from Colorado’s indie music scene: Jess De Nicola Mefford (voice), Wes Michaels (cello, saxophone), Carl Sorensen (drums), Jimmy Stofer (bass, vocals) and Jon Wirtz (keys). They are that unique kind of band where each player is a genuinely talented artist in their own right, but when they play together something extra happens. Something larger.

John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light are currently in the studio finishing a new record slated for release in late September 2009. Beware: the new record will cause short films to spontaneously appear in your head with its lush arrangements, gorgeous harmonies and cinematic lyrics. It’s music that can pin you to the wall, break your heart, or just send you off thinking for a while. Visit for more information.

2009 Lyons Folks Festival Finalist
2009 Westword Nominate Best Pop Artist
2009 Denver Music Scene Top 10 Songwriters
2008 Telluride Troubadour Finalist
2008 Westword Nominated Best Singer/Songwriter
2007 Lyons Folks Festival Finalist
2007 Mover and Shaker / Best Local Release -- Westword
2007 Best Local Release -- The Denver Post
2006 Most Intriguing Discs - The Onion
2006 Westword Nominated Best Singer/Songwriter

"Hard to classify, John Common plays a brand of upbeat indie rock that makes use of a wide array of instruments from trumpets to xylophones. His band Blinding Flashes of Light is comprised of several talented musicians culled from the vibrant Colorado indie scene who provide the backdrop to his insightful and powerful lyrics." -- DENVER METROMIX

"A brilliant, extremely ambitious disc... Denver's finest rock recording of the past decade." -- WESTWORD MAGAZINE (Good To Be Born)

"Why Birds Fly is even more uncommon than its acclaimed 2006 predecessor...the aural environment Common creates is so sumptuous that it rewards repeated listens even as it confounds expectations." -- WESTWORD MAGAZINE (Why Birds Fly)

"It may seem difficult to imagine a guy named John Common living a highly individual life, but believe it... his creative curiosity and detail-oriented aesthetic distinguish him from the drooling pack of earnest singer-songwriters." -- DENVER POST

"Raw, yet sophisticated pop." -- THE ONION

"Every aspect of Common's squirrely melodic sensibilities and unerringly tight playing and production are featured here." -- THE DENVER POST

"Common has achieved the musical equivalent of picking up seven tiles in a game of Scrabble and being able to lay down “bezique” on the first turn. " -- FIVE MAGAZINE, TAOS, NEW MEXICO

"Common writes a great song just about every day... 'Good To Be Born' is a Matthew Sweet-meets-Queen rock opus filled with catchy songs and layers of clever vocals... Damn him." -- 5280 MAGAZINE

"There are songs that make me want to drink till morning you see... Songs that make me wish I'd somehow gone home with that handsome stranger who smiled when I looked up from my book... Songs that make me want to be loud and messy and get into lots of trouble, when normally I am quiet and neat and only get into medium amounts of trouble... Songs I've caught myself putting on repeat when it's 2 am and I have to wake up at 6..."

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