Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our first Southeast + East Coast Tour!

Hi Blinders and Flashers!

We start our first U.S. tour this Friday!!!

We start in the Southeast and then travel up the East Coast. Please tell all your friends in these towns -- we'd love to play for them. All of the details are here: www.johncommon.com/tourwelcome.

07-01-2011 :: Alabama Music Box :: Mobile, AL
07-02-2011 :: The Handlebar :: Pensacola, FL
07-03-2011 :: The Nick :: Birmingham, AL
07-04-2011 :: The Muse :: Nashville, TN
07-05-2011 :: The Basement :: Nashville, TN
07-06-2011 :: Local 506 :: Chapel Hill, NC
07-07-2011 :: Lexington Avenue Brewing Company :: Asheville, NC
07-09-2011 :: Snug Harbor :: Charlotte, NC
07-10-2011 :: Outer Banks Brewing Company :: Kill Devil Hills, NC
07-11-2011 :: Galaxy Hut :: Arlington, VA
07-12-2011 :: M Room :: Philadelphia, PA
07-13-2011 :: The Saint :: Asbury Park, NJ
07-14-2011 :: The Living Room :: New York City, NY
07-15-2011 :: The Space :: Hamden, CT
07-16-2011 :: The Loft :: Cambridge, MA
07-17-2011 :: Union Hall :: Brooklyn, NY
07-23-2011 :: Denver Post Underground Music Showcase :: Denver, CO

We're adding dates for the Midwest and West Coast as we speak, so stay tuned.


John Common and Blinding Flashes of Light

P.P.S. Use these links to entice your friends into becoming fans:

Music Connection Review of Beautiful Empty (10 out of 10 Stars!)

NPR interview with Ryan Warner on Colorado Matters

Article in The Onion on John Common and TEDx Collaboration

Friday, March 04, 2011

Hi Everyone, I'm blogging here now...

I moved by blog to johncommon.com/blog we're getting an RSS feed set up there soon, but in the meantime, please just drop by when you can. I post something pretty much every week.

And as always, thanks so much for reading!

Also, jump on our email list if you want... it's a good way to stay in touch, get the latest news from yours truly and we also send you free music periodically! Here's the page to subscribe: subscribe

Hope you're well and talk soon,


You Can Listen to Beautiful Empty on our Website

It's on our home page as well as on our store page:



Thursday, June 03, 2010

Hey Sugarbear.

Hey Sugarbear,

We're 10 days out from our Boulder CD release show at the Fox Theatre for Beautiful Empty. Good Lord. This show's gonna be hotter than two rats kissin' in a wool sock.

Scroll down to see all of the incredibly cool music+film+art that will be happening that night. Also, Love Hope Strength will be there signing up donors to help fight cancer. (Hell yes.)

Oh, and tell your friends who had U2 tickets to come drown their sorrows at our show. I'll personally give them a hug and softly sing "With Or Without You" in their ear. Also, they'll save $5 if they buy tickets in advance. Here's the ticket/info link:

Bus Ride To/From The Show? - Denver People!
For Denver peeps, Wynkoop Brewing Company is willing to charter a bus from downtown Denver to the Fox Theatre and back the night of the show. The cost would be $10 but you'd get a safe ride to and from the show AND they're gonna throw in a free beer during the ride up! They need 40 people to make it worthwhile. HURRY UP and email us at letters@johncommon.com if you and your friends are interested, and we'll keep you posted.

Love ya and see you soon!



P.S. Here's a little video of us playing Same Scar live recently:

P.P.S. This is Natalie:

P.P.P.S. Do you Facebook? Join our FB fan page: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2220762949
Saturday, June 12, 2010
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Boulder CD Release Party
for Beautiful Empty at THE FOX THEATRE

+ Original short films inspired by Beautiful Empty
+ Original visual art inspired by Beautiful Empty
+ Ticket price includes a FREE copy of the new CD!
(Or any other CD in the JC catalog - you pick)

Buy tickets in advance - $13 / Day of show - $18

Tickets: http://www.foxtheatre.com/Store/ChooseTicket.aspx?sid=15696

Saturday, June 19, 2010
@ Westword Music Showcase
Denver, CO
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
@ Red Rocks
Film On The Rocks
Morrison, CO
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Movie: Superbad

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

CALL FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS (music+photography project)

Hi Everyone!

We're doing another music+art collaboration! Only this time, it centers around photography. Artists and photographers of all locations, levels, types and points of view are invited to participate! You? Your friends?

This link has all of the details:

Please tell all of your artist / photographer friends who might dig this kind of thing.

More art!


PS. This project is similar to the Common Box Project, which was amazing. You can see photos of all of the common boxes on the media page of our website.

PPS. Do you Facebook? Join our FB group!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

This Saturday at Walnut Room in Denver!

Hello Foxes and Tigers,

I hope you're all hopped up and ready to come to our show on Sat, March 13th at The Walnut Room.
Do you know about the The Walnut Room? It's one of the best sounding venues in Colorado
(not just my opinion). This will be our first headlining show in Denver since releasing our new record,
Beautiful Empty.

We'll be playing songs from the new record plus some others... we'll have a guest or two on stage as
well. And we'll be starting the whole thing off with some of those short films inspired by songs from
Beautiful Empty. It's going to be quite the night.

Here's what we've cooked up for you:

Date: Saturday, March 13, 2010

Venue: The Walnut Room

Artists: John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Dan Craig Band w/ Jessica Sonner
The West

Location: 3131 Walnut Street, Denver, CO 80205 (Here's a map)

Ticket Price: $9 in advance / $12 DOS / 21+

Buy Tickets Now: http://www.thewalnutroom.com/show/detail/27612
(It might sell out)

Hours: Doors at 7:30 pm, Show at 8pm

ALSO: The Love Hope Strength Foundation has been invited to continue their important work to fight
cancer by signing up bone marrow donors that night, and will be sponsoring the event as well.
Here's their website.



PS. Visit the media page of our website to see lots of pictures (like this one from Brian Carney) from our
Denver CD release show and our recent show with Matt Morris at the Bluebird Theater:

PPS. Do you Facebook? Join us: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2220762949

Saturday, Mar 27, 2010
@ Parker Library
Live Music Series (daytime/all ages show)
John Common and Jess DeNicola
All Ages, 1pm - show from 2pm to 3pm

Friday, April 2 2010
@ Soiled Dove
Denver, CO
Chuck Prophet
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Doors 8PM, Show 9pm, $12
But tickets: http://www.tavernhg.com/soiled_dove/show/11655

Saturday, April 10, 2010
@ Boulder Library
Boulder, CO
John Common solo
All Ages, 1pm - 4pm
(JC plays sometime in there!)

Friday, April 23, 2010
@ Everyday Joes
Fort Collins, CO
Mason Reed
John COmmon & Blinding Flashes of Light
All Ages, 8pm

Monday, February 22, 2010

Facebook group for JC&BFoL

People in our FB group are well-spoken, dashing and lovely: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2220762949

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine's Reminder: Love Is A Shark

Hello Current and Former Lovers of Love,

It's Valentine's Day on Sunday. For some of you, this news is a total bummer. For others, it's a delight. One thing we can all agree on is that Love Is A Shark.

Here are three ways to SHARE A SHARK, whether you are heart-broken or heart-happy:

A T-SHIRT ($15)
Buy a Love Is A Shark T-shirt -- Available in mens and womens. Colors: black and chocolate brown. (We have limited quantities - but we'll reorder if we have to!)

A SONG ($1)
Hear and buy the song (download)

A VIDEO (Free)




Fri, Feb 19, 2010
John Common, Jess DeNicola, Wes Michaels
Supporting Mike Marchant CD Release
@ Meadowlark
Denver, CO

Thu, Feb 25, 2010
Matt Morris
w/ John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
@ Bluebird Theater
Denver, CO
$10/$12 ~ 8PM
Get tickets here < < Buy tix now--This might sell out

Sat, Mar 13, 2010
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
w/ Oh Starling & Joshua James Trio
@ Walnut Room
Denver, CO
Get tickets here < < Buy tix now--This might sell out

Thursday, November 05, 2009

JC&BFoL at Meadowlark

Hiya Lovers,

We're playing a great show tomorrow night (11/5) at the Meadowlark. It's likely to be the last time you'l be able to see us before the big Denver cd release show for Beautiful Empty (New date for cd release: Sat, Jan 16 -- save it!)

Here is the schedule (pronounced "shedjuwell") for tomorrow night. It's back-to-back loveliness:
11:15 LSW

See you tomorrow night!

I'm learning to weld -- I already have the goggles,


P.S. Goggle time:

Upcoming Events

Thu, Nov 5
John Common
w/ LSW, Joseph Pope III and Jesse Torrisi

Sat, January 16th, 2010
John Common & Blinding Flashes of Light
Denver CD Release
for Beautiful Empty
@ Casslemans

Details coming ~ Save the date!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yul Brynner

"john common is no longer idle" is what it says right now.

i'm eating a pb&j for bfast, making coffee and watching it's always sunny in philadelphia.

life is good, E.

10:57am E

god damn

i thought i had it easy by sleeping in until 7

i went to Jenny Morgan's art opening last night at plus gallery. fucking amazing.

you gotta go see it.


i wanna see it.

10:59am E

you know her?


i think she gave me a kidney once?

no, i don't.

10:59am E

check 'em out


you can click on the thumbnails

you'll see familiar faces

and unfamiliar breasts


semi familiar.

the faces.

cool shiat.

you're one of my cultural ambassadors, E.

i rely on thee.

it's a service you provide.

i'm not even kidding.

i only hope i deliver some amount of utility in your direction.

11:03am E

you deliver utilities?! that's awesome!


i am software.

sometimes, i am hardware

11:04am E

the revision is better

i think we are of great service to each other


wow. that really did sound gay.

speaking of...

i was on stage last night, i lifted my cap, jauntily, i might add.

and said into mic:

"i shaved my head... doooo you like?"

of course, i got the perfunctory applause and woo's.

because people are basically kind, E.

but then i said,

"really? i think i look a little like yul brenner"

and then i delivered the only yul line that i know:


nobody laughed.

i mean, some did.

but it was an E. moment.


11:07am E

that's beautiful. truly. and gay. and how is that an E. moment?


oh you know...

any time i make an obscure reference in some lame attempt at humor that nobody really gets, i think "E. would laugh at this"



that's truly flattering

you know what the first yul brynner line was that i thought of?


do tell


"I'm Yul Brynner, and I'm dead now."


What movie was that from?

11:14am E

from the anti-smoking commercial that came out right after he died

he filmed it before his death, with the express purpose of having the ad run after he died


wow. way to bring the IM party down, E.


one of the services i provide

Monday, October 19, 2009

This Thursday at The Walnut Room: me, you us

'Sup Punkin',

I'm playing a tres cool show this Thursday (Oct 22) at the inestimably great sounding Walnut Room. I will be playing the show with the lovely Jess DeNicola and the beguiling Dave Preston. How's that for a power trio? Also playing that night: Liz Clark, Tessa Perry and Melanie Susuras. Not to turn this into a gender thing, but I just realized I'll be the sole male songwriter of the night. Hmmm... Interesting.

Fear not, it's an early show--you will get your beauty rest. Not that you need it.

Will you come? Say yes.

Here are the DETAILS of the show and a way to buy TICKETS for you and your date:


I've been reading Emerson lately,

P.S. We're looking for graphic artists to collaborate with on band merch. Here's the idea, delivered by yours truly. And yes, that's the best shark I know how to draw:


Thursday, October 08, 2009

Latest JC Newsletter

Subject: "Fort Collins" spells "Come to show" if you re-arrange the letters.

Hey Crackerjack,

I'm playing a fun show this Saturday, Oct 10th in Fort Collins at Everyday Joe's with Dan Craig and Danielle Ate The Sandwich. 7PM. It's a bit of an early show too. So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

This is the part of the email where I write something funny/witty to get you to come. Pretend I just did that. Did it work? Visit this link for directions, tickets and such:


Love you, miss you, write me,


P.S. The cd artwork for Beautiful Empty is nearly done. It's lovely. Just like the new record is. Can't wait for you to hear it. Saturday, Dec 12 -- Denver CD release show. Put it on your refrigerator!

P.P.S. This is me having an ADHD moment during the mixing of a song named 'Same Scar' from the new record. Further proof that making a record is filled with dangerous, white knuckling moments fraught with tension and... who am I kiddin'? It's actually a lot of drinking Jameson, listening and waiting around. http://hitrecordandplay.blogspot.com/2009/08/mixing-same-scar-self-amusement.html

Upcoming Events

Thu, Oct 22
Walnut Room
w/ Liz Clark

Thu, Nov 5
w/ TBA

Sat, Dec 12
Denver CD Release
for Beautiful Empty
Curious Theatre
Details coming ~ Save the date

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sprint Triathlon at Pensacola Beach

I did a sprint TRI at Pensacola Beach with my brother this morning. It was his first -- he did great! He was thinking his time would be 2 hrs 45 min. But he did it in 2:13! Go Bruce! I wrote this on my arm to look at during the race:

My goal was 2 hrs 5 min.

My stretch goal was 1 hr 48 min.

I did it in 1:48:25.


The Stats
swim (1/3 mile) 12:25
T1 3:09
bike (18 mile) 1:02:27
T2 1:43
run (3.1 mile) 28:44
total 1:48:25

Friday, September 11, 2009

My status is hiatus.

Hi All,

Just wanted to write a short note and tell you that 1) the new record is pretty much done, 2) it's named Beautiful Empty, 3) our Denver release party will be Sat, Dec 12 at Curious Theatre (save the date!), 4) that night is gonna be crazy cool, and that 5) we're taking a break from music for a month or so... to rest up for all the flashing and lighting and blinding that we'll soon be doing.

Enjoy your September. I sure will.

Love you, miss you, write me,


P.S. The Beautiful Empty Short Film Conspiracy is still accepting submissions -- jump in if you or someone you know is an indie/amateur film maker... or if you want to be one. Details here: www.beautifulempty.blogspot.com

P.P.S. Fall is almost here. I love fall:

Upcoming Events

Sat, Dec 12 Denver CD Release of Beautiful Empty
Curious Theatre
Details coming ~ Save the date

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Latest JC Newsletter


Ever want to make a short film? Know any budding filmmakers? We're cooking up a really creative film project attached to the upcoming release of our new record. The idea is to collaborate with all kinds of artists around the songs that are going to be on the new record. Just like the Box Project, only with film!

Visit this link if you or someone you know might be interested:

And here's a YouTube video of me and Darci (Beautiful Empty's Film Festival Director) talking about the project:

Love ya,


Upcoming Events

TOMORROW Friday, Aug 14 2009 11:30AM - EARLY SHOW
Lyons Folks Festival
John Common - songwriter showcase
Lyons, Colorado
Tickets: http://www.bluegrass.com/folks/contests.html

Fri, Aug 21 2009 7:00-8:30PM
John, Jess and Wes
Parfet Park
Downtown Golden, CO
(10th Street and Washington)
We play then there's a movie in the park
All ages / free show

Live Photos from Denver Post UMS

These photos were taken by the amazing Lindsay McWilliams at the Denver Post Underground Music Showcase. We finished the set out in the audience.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Angels and Sharks

Today's paraphrased quote: "Angels are just sharks who have learned to control their appetite." -- the Cook in Moby Dick

The actual quote:

"Your woraciousness, fellow-critters. I don't blame ye so much for; dat is natur, and can't be helped; but to gobern dat wicked natur, dat is de pint. You is sharks, sartin; but if you gobern de shark in you, why den you be angel; for all angel is not'ing more dan de shark well goberned. Now, look here, bred'ren, just try wonst to be cibil, a helping yourselbs from dat whale. Don't be tearin' de blubber out your neighbour's mout, I say. Is not one shark dood right as toder to dat whale? And, by Gor, none on you has de right to dat whale; dat whale belong to some one else. I know some o' you has berry brig mout, brigger dan oders; but then de brig mouts sometimes has de small bellies; so dat de brigness of de mout is not to swaller wid, but to bit off de blubber for de small fry ob sharks, dat can't get into de scrouge to help demselves."

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Mixing Same Scar... Self-amusement

This is me trying to amuse myself In the studio with John Macy. We're mixing a song named Same Scar from the upcoming JC&BFoL record (Beautiful Empty).

Friday, July 24, 2009


Years ago, I was standing in my kitchen one night, looking down into the silverware drawer. I noticed that there were more than a few spoons whose origins I couldn't quite pin down. Such as that really nice heavy one with the longish handle. Or that Mickey Mouse spoon from Disney World. Or that little ornate tea spoon. Or that strange-ish, wooden spoon with a Russian peasant-looking paint job. Or that funky modern one. And others.

And then it dawned on me that these disparate spoons all had something in common: I had stolen them, subconsciously, from ex-girlfriends over the years.

It's true. I was standing there in my kitchen, face to face with a new reality: I was a spoon thief. And it also dawned on me that it was a little creepy, frankly. Like some sleepwalking, totemistic, voodoo, final rites ritual. But each spoon reminded me of "her" and our happier times. I thought to myself "Weird, man." And... "I'm a weird man".

But then I thought about it a little more and I started getting a little misty-eyed. I mean, there's something endearing about this mild obsession, if you think about it. I was "just a boy, standing in front of a girl's silverware drawer, stealing a spoon to remember her by..." Kind of like this movie scene. Only odder and slightly less sacharin. And without Hugh Grant or Julia Roberts.

So I did what any self-respecting songwriter would do. I wrote a song about it:

(imagine the music being played by a full on, guitar-driven, rock band drunk on well tequila at Lions Lair)

i collect the spoons of my ex-girlfriends
they're all right here in my kitchen drawer
it's kind of a weird thing I admit
but it's the one thing that I still have

whenever I saw that the end was near
I'd steal to her kitchen and pocket a spoon
just a little something to remember her by
'cause the end was coming soon

have a good life
with your fork and knife
I got your spoon, got your spoon
makes me think of you
I gotcha spoon, gotcha spoon
gotcha spoon, gotcha

I've never been good at remembering when
like the time by the river or when I met her dad
but when it's 3 in the morning and it's cold outside
it's all right here in my hand


I suppose one day I might find someone
who'll put up with all the crazy shit I do
we'll decide on a pattern and get our silverware
and I'll give back those spoons

I'll record this song on an old tape deck
box it up with her beat up spoon
brown paper wrapping with no return address
just a note that reads..

"I enjoyed your spoon"
"I surely enjoyed your spoon"
"I sure will miss your spoon"

[REPEAT CHORUS... maybe twice even]

I got your spoon...
it makes me think of you

What made me remember all of this was a recent Facebook IM conversation with my friend, A.

A while back, I told A. about my strange spoon stealing fetish. A. was going through a break up of his own, alas. So I recommended the spoon stealing move as a way to deal with his angst and grief. A. thought it was "funny". But today, A. popped in on me and we had this conversation:

2:45pm A.
I got a spoon!

its a great silicon spoonish spatula

she's pissed that i wont give it back

2:46pm John
i'm proud of you, A.

good job.

i would have liked to see you nab a metal one.

2:46pm A.


2:46pm John
a big soup spoon has been my specialty.

2:46pm A.
this one is amazing

2:46pm John
but hey, we're different people.

we like different things.

and i embrace diversity.

2:46pm A.
its true :):)

2:47pm John
it feels good... when you look down in the drawer, doesn't it?


2:47pm A.
so great

i dont even use it

i just like to look at it and gloat

2:47pm John
oh... you're "using it"... you're just not using it.

2:47pm A.

So Dear Reader, I will leave you with this final bit of advice: The next time you go through a breakup, go ahead and nab a spoon. Do it. It's oddly therapeutic. And if you ever look down into your kitchen drawer and wonder, "Where the hell is that spoon?", don't get angry. Don't judge. Just smile.