Monday, October 19, 2009

This Thursday at The Walnut Room: me, you us

'Sup Punkin',

I'm playing a tres cool show this Thursday (Oct 22) at the inestimably great sounding Walnut Room. I will be playing the show with the lovely Jess DeNicola and the beguiling Dave Preston. How's that for a power trio? Also playing that night: Liz Clark, Tessa Perry and Melanie Susuras. Not to turn this into a gender thing, but I just realized I'll be the sole male songwriter of the night. Hmmm... Interesting.

Fear not, it's an early show--you will get your beauty rest. Not that you need it.

Will you come? Say yes.

Here are the DETAILS of the show and a way to buy TICKETS for you and your date:

I've been reading Emerson lately,

P.S. We're looking for graphic artists to collaborate with on band merch. Here's the idea, delivered by yours truly. And yes, that's the best shark I know how to draw:

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