Thursday, August 13, 2009

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Ever want to make a short film? Know any budding filmmakers? We're cooking up a really creative film project attached to the upcoming release of our new record. The idea is to collaborate with all kinds of artists around the songs that are going to be on the new record. Just like the Box Project, only with film!

Visit this link if you or someone you know might be interested:

And here's a YouTube video of me and Darci (Beautiful Empty's Film Festival Director) talking about the project:

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Upcoming Events

TOMORROW Friday, Aug 14 2009 11:30AM - EARLY SHOW
Lyons Folks Festival
John Common - songwriter showcase
Lyons, Colorado

Fri, Aug 21 2009 7:00-8:30PM
John, Jess and Wes
Parfet Park
Downtown Golden, CO
(10th Street and Washington)
We play then there's a movie in the park
All ages / free show


Huck said...

since when are you a smoker!!!!! when I met you you ran 5 miles a day, never smoked and gave me so much crap about it. i haven't had a single drag for over 11 years. weak.
still love you though,

John Common said...

I deserve EVERY bit of shit about smoking that you can dish out! :)